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Who needs a lubricant? At Love Zone, we consider lubricant one of life’s essentials. Lubricant increases your sensitivity by creating smoother, slipperier surfaces. A lot of people have been led to believe that their own bodies should generate enough lubrication to keep any sexual situation slippery, and many take the suggestion of using lubricant as an insult to their sexual prowess. Unfortunately many women and men believe that vaginal lubrication is an automatic physical result of a women’s sexual arousal and that any lack of lubrication is an indication of a lack of enthusiasm.

In fact, vaginal lubrication doesn’t automatically follow sexual arousal and doesn’t automatically indicate sexual arousal. Lubricating is influenced by hormonal fluctuations and can vary dramatically depending on where a woman is in her menstrual cycle. Women, who have reached menopause, have had a hysterectomy, have just given birth or are breast-feeding will experience a decrease in their natural lubrication and a thinning of vaginal tissue due to reduced estrogen levels.

Hormones aren’t the only influences on vaginal lubrication. Alcohol, marijuana and many prescription drugs or over-the-counter cold medications can and will effect a women’s ability to self lubricate. And, of course, stress can throw almost any “natural” physical response off kilter.

Besides, even those situations in which a woman is lubricating heavily can be enhanced by the addition of artificial lubricants. Vaginal secretions don’t necessarily make their way up to the clitoris, and most women enjoy direct stimulation of the clitoris far more when the touch is smooth and moist. Lubricant makes any kind of vaginal penetration more pleasurable—it’s always more comfortable to have two wet surfaces sliding against each other—and is crucial for anal penetration since the rectum and anus do not produce any natural lubrication.

There are also many flavored lubricants that are perfect for tasty oral sex and are excellent for penetration. Always avoid using anything internally not designed for actual penetration as sugar can create problems in the form of yeast infections.

With so many flavors and brands available everyone is sure to find a favorite.

Lubricants come in three varieties water-based, silicone and oil.

  • Water-Based Lubricant
  • Silicone Lubricant
  • Specialty Lubricant
  • Oils

Similar to the feel of natural vaginal fluids, you will find water-based lubes in a variety of consistencies from a watery liquid to a thick jelly. The liquids are great for all around play the gels seem to have more lasting power for extended encounters or anal sex. Water-based lubricants are specially formulated to be taste-free, non-staining, non-irritating, and they will easily wash out of the body.

Water-based Lubricants are specifically designed for use on moist membranes, where it should stay slippery. When applied to the rest of the body, it will dry, leaving a sticky residue, which makes it completely undesirable as a massage product. All of Love Zones Flavored lubricants are water-based.

Silicone is a super-slippery lube, which lasts longer than water-based lubes. This makes it ideal for extended play, anal play or in the water / shower sex. Silicone feels like an oil but it is safe for internal use. It has a couple of unique features; You can use it for an all over body massage and then go into lovemaking safely. Silicone never feels sticky and it is safe with latex toys and condoms (avoid using silicone lubes with silicone toys). It is your best choice if you are using a lubricant around water (like in a shower, hot tub, or bath) because it will not wash away as quickly as water-based lubricants. It feels warm when it goes on. Because it last so long it is an excellent choice for anal play. Unlike oil based lubes it is safe vaginally and will not cause any infection.

In recent years many specialty lubricants have entered the market. These include:

Warming lotions & lubricants – these warm with friction, getting even warmer when you blow on them. They are different from the old warming lotions that were not designed for internal use.

Stimulating lubricants – These lubricants like ID Pleasure will create a light tingling sensation and heightened sensitivity along with being a lubricant. These are not as strong as an actual arousal balm.

Natural lubricants - these include lubricants that use Grapefruit extract as the preservative, lubes with hemp extract (hemp is a natural anti bacterial and is said to cut down on yeast infections) and new vegan friendly lubes.

Oils have been used as lubricants for hundreds of years, but there are some facts to bear in mind. Oils are extremely hard to wash out of the body. Oils and petroleum products, like Vaseline, coat the walls of the vagina for days, welcoming all kinds of bacteria and creating an environment that promotes yeast infections. All oils will linger in the vagina longer than necessary, as there is no way for them to be flushed out of the body. And oils of any kind will destroy latex condoms, dental dams, gloves or diaphragms, so oils are completely incompatible with practicing safe sex.

The oil based lubes we sell are geared toward male solo sex activities or anal sex where the body is more capable of flushing the oils out of its system.

Warning never use oil based products with any toys or latex products the oil will melt or eat away at the latex.


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